2003: Baby Baker

Ever since I was little dessert always had a special place in my heart...and stomach. I would bake cookies and sandwich them together with ice cream and loads of rainbow sprinkles for absolutely no reason at all but because it made myself and the people around me happy. My love for baking with my entrepreneurial spirit made a sweet shop only an inevitable outcome of my candied, crazy childhood love for dessert.

2012: Mom, I'm starting a business!

After numerous trips to the mall, I realized there was a space in the market for a more affordable chocolate covered dessert. I dipped some pretzels, Oreos, and strawberries in chocolate for a holiday party and alas, Zac's Sweet Shop was born after everyone asked where I bought them from. Instantly, I knew I had to do three things 1) ask my mom start a business 2) make yummier desserts than anything I previously ever had and 3) continue making people's days a little bit sweeter.

2017: Pittsburgh to Los Angeles

After getting accepted to USC in Los Angeles, I packed my bags (and sadly not my chocolate machine) in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to move to Los Angeles, CA. After a year of studying, I quickly realized I could not live without my sweet shop. After developing a storefront concept, pop up shop, and a lot of other exciting ideas, I landed on a direct-to-consumer e-commerce sweet shop after much trial and error, all while obtaining my degree from USC!

June 2020: Beyoncé Approved!

2020 was a heavy and hard year, especially as a Black business owner. After several months of lost revenue due to COVID-19 and an emotional month of June, I got an unexpeted new visitor and fan...Beyoncé! In a matter of 2 days, I had 100+ orders (more than 10x the previous week). There was no way I could have expected or prepared, but somehow WE DID IT! We survived the crazy year that was 2020 and came out stronger than ever. The community we created is something I will never take for granted.

2021: ZSS 2.0

After a year of the pandemic, I spent any and all extra time developing a new website, branding, sweets, photoshoots, and more -- taking Zac's Sweet Shop to the next level! I'm so excited to introduce this next era for my shop. Every order is carefully hand-made and hand-packed (mostly still by me!) with a smile and a lot of love. The Nostalgia 4 Everyone collection is a campaign that embodies who I am and the mission behind Zac's.