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Holiday Zac-Pacs

These three holiday packs were created by Zac with the goal of giving his most popular treats a festive new look with the same delectable taste.

Holiday Zac-Pac

The holiday Zac-Pac provides a festive look to best-selling Zac-pac.

Holiday Zac-Pac

Holiday Cookie Zac-Pac

Be the favorite guest at every holiday party with this delicious cookie sampler.

Holiday Cookie Zac-Pac

Holiday Truffle Zac-Pac

Four of Zac’s best selling truffles make the holidays worth celebrating.

Holiday Truffle Zac-Pac
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Zac’s Cookie Pizza

Bring out your inner confectioner and put your own spin on this delectable dessert! Choose your cookie base, pick your gourmet chocolate, and add up to 3 sweet toppings to put the ART in pARTy!

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The Man Behind The Sweets

Ever since I was little I loved to create. It was December 2011 and I had to either buy or make a holiday dessert… you already know I wasn’t going to buy my local grocery store’s cookies.

About Zac

The Nostalgia Collections

The nostalgic flavors you know and love, reinvented in perfect, bite-sized confections that will leave you sweetly satisfied.

Taste what we’re all about with the Zac-Pac

Receive the perfect party sampler of some of Zac’s best-sellers from cookies, to truffles, to pretzels, you can do no wrong!